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Akashic Record & Past Life Readings

Akashic Record Readings & Past Lives Readings


"From the bottom of my heart thank you for this.  You have confirmed, wrapped up, given a couple of slaps, maybe more who knows?  The important thing is...thank you so much you are bringing tears to my eyes as I write this and I do not know why?  It is so funny how we do not know until it is shown or explained in a way that clicks to make sense for you only.  Love it, thank you so much once again." Brian B.

"I've had several sessions with Julie, and I know I will be having more in the future!  In two past life readings, Julie had brought through trauma of betrayal.  It was beyond insightful, and having gained this insight from her, allowed me to release and heal these traumas...I didn't realize that I had been carrying it in this life.  Once I could see the pain I was able to work through it and leave them in that lifetime." Ria I.

"I have had the pleasure of receiving two past life readings from Julie and ...Wow!  They were transformative.  I have had certain blockages pop up in my experience my whole life and have always tried to dig deep to why these have been my experience and after my reading with Julie it was like everything came together.  I understood so much about my experience here on Earth as this soul again.  Why things were popping up to be healed and how to move past them." Bronte A.

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