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Who am I?

I am a work in progress.  My main theme I am always working on is SELF LOVE.  I have always struggled with image issues.  Always wanting to hide, not to be seen.  When I was growing up I didn't look like the models that were put in magazines, T.V. or billboards.  Nor did I know that they were always air brushed up either.  I tattooed most of my body, thinking back, was so people saw them  and not me.  


I had a lot of self healing to do.  I was full of shame, grief, sadness, fear and anger.  I had to let go of all my limiting beliefs, conditioning and ancestral patterns.  How does one even begin?  I started with Reiki and got my Reiki Master Certificate.  That enabled me to do some healing on myself.  I also did some sessions with other practitioners, quite a few Cellular Transformation workshops (psycho-spiritual healing modality), and a few Akashic Record Readings.  


I also took an Intuitive course after having an Akashic Record Reading.  I wanted to know more.  It was so fascinating. Then I took a Reading the Akashic Records Reader course.  I discovered that everyone could be psychic and we all have abilities and gifts.  Mine was just to see a person's past life that their guides felt was the most beneficial for a person to hear at that time.  If we hear the truth spoken in words like a past life, soul origin or a life lesson it can create an activation.  This could be activating things that you already have in you.  You can receive a trigger then you can start shifting and embodying your high-test truest self.  

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