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Akashic Record  Readings can be incredible source of information about a clients soul gifts, history and personality.  It can cover your energy centre of training, which governs your soul drives and what you bring to others in this life time.  The soul trainings that you have done in-between life times and what this means for who you are now.  Your primary life lesson for this lifetime - this is often interesting and validating because you choose experiences you do and how they fit into your soul's path.  The roles that you fulfill in this lifetime and other gifts of your soul, such as healer, communicator, psychic, leader, empath etc.  The periods in history and spiritual/religious paths into the story of your soul during past incarnations here on Earth.  Your strongest intuitive gifts at this time and your empath gifts in what ways your are gifted as an empath?

Past Life Readings can be helpful by acknowledging a past life through a reading has the potential  to alleviate karma.  Any time our consciousness expands in this way, we increase our potential for evolution.  The reason we examine past lives is because it alerts us to a pattern or frequency that we are experiencing.  When we clear something relating to it, it allows us to anchor more fully into this life.  Anything that was out of alignment during those lifetimes can be healed in the present.  We bring it forward so we can witness and integrate anything that happened during those lifetimes.  Through my guides I am shown a past life that you have had, usually one that they think is the most important for you to hear at this time.

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